Adding more luxury using less

We are going to enhance and simplify any hotel experience by mobilising and personalising many of the issues related to the hotel industry. By creating a seamless line of communication between the guest and the staff we can create a sense of luxury in the way it’s ought to be perceived. Not through overwhelming extravagance but by being able to bring the guests exactly what they need.

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Feature list


Make a reservation and choose your favourite room right in the app. Extend the stay anytime during your visit.


Checkin from your phone and get immediate access to your room without having to stand in line at the receptions desk.


You will not find any rusty old wire phones in your room, just use your own smartphone to call anyone at the hotel without having to remember their room number or whether to press # before or after the number.

Room service

Order room service and have it brought to you regardless of where you are.


Ordering housekeeping can be done at any time and from anywhere. Tailor your desired needs or go for a classic room cleaning, the staff will be notified instantly.


Book anything at any time without having to wait in line, just type as you would to a friend.

News feed

An open feed from the hotel staff to the guests where staff can inform about happenings and make both personal and public announcements.


Check your tab in depth in the app.


Sign the bill the night before or in peace and quiet by the breakfast table.


To provide the best possible solution we have reduced many of the complications that come with integrating with external systems so our clients don't have to.

One of the key components of our solution is integrating with the systems you already use, reducing room for errors and loss of information.

Through our specialised integration solution, we are able to better cater to your needs, regardless of what that might be. Having a long lasting and reputable technology stack, we will see to it that our solution fits your business.

Let us shift the default

Since a few years back it has become more and more accepted for hotels to become a little more environmentally friendly. It’s still very much in the details such as signs in the bathroom, modestly asking us to leave towels on the floor if we want them changed and requiring us to put our hotel card in a slot to be able to turn on the lights in the room.

We don’t think this is nearly enough, there needs to be a shift in the default approach to what good service actually is. The problem has grown from both sides of the isle, that is the customer also has played a big part in this crazy consumer norm. This norm essentially says to treat the guests with more service, luxury and abundance — the more you get, the higher standard of the hotel.

In all honesty the “do not disturb” sign should be able to do the exact opposite — hang it out if you wish something taken care of. Or at least the effect of it should be used that way. Because when you think about it, who on earth changes their towels daily? Our goal is to provide a smooth and intuitive enough user experience that we can convince the guests that service is something that should be called upon instead of being prepared for nobody to use — that is not service, that is waste.

By adopting this way of thinking we can create an even stronger sense of service, one that is personalised instead of handed out to the masses the same way to every guest. One where the guests preferences come at a touch of a finger or even prior to the guest’s arrival through Hotelp profile settings.

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